Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation This Year

With the advent of the Internet and the extreme growth of social media usage, it is no wonder that employers and universities are now looking into your personal life before contacting you or accepting you as a potential candidate. Knowing how to manage your online reputation is essential, and will ultimately come in handy whenever you are in a professional position. Implementing a few tactics this year will help to improve your online reputation regardless of your plans for the future.

Clean Up Your Social Media

Cleaning up your social media is one of the most prevalent ways to steer clear of professional rejection and judgment. Going through posts that may be racy or controversial and removing or ridding them from your page for viewing is a way to avoid an unpleasant situation in any case.

Use Privacy Settings

Utilizing privacy settings with your social media account can help you with your ability to share what you feel without the risk of the public viewing it as well. According to onlinereputationreviews.com, there have been many documented cases of individuals getting harassed, shamed, fired, and humiliated due to posts that were created for public view, rather than privately.

Google Yourself

Googling yourself is another major way to help improve your online reputation this year. When Googling your name, you are able to see any reviews or content that has been posted by you within a few seconds. Many employers and those in professional settings Google potential candidates prior to interviews and during the hiring process. Additionally, any negative content of you online puts you at risk for a public outcry which has happened in the past. Contact Google if you have negative links with your name that may be defamation to remove them from the search engine altogether, cleaning up your reputation one link at a time.

The more you know about managing your online reputation, the easier it is to maintain a positive persona in any instance. Taking the time to clean up content with your name attached online is a way to ensure you are not stuck in a rut down the line in the future.

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