Use Mark Mofid to improve your appearance


Doctor Mark Mofid La Jolla is a plastic surgeon operating in the San Diego area. While many people think that doctors who work in this area have Hollywood celebrities as their clients. Mark Mofid has had his share of such clients, but his main area of research is something most people find hard to understand. He, along with several other doctors, has worked on gluteal enhancement surgery. This somewhat complicated term simply means that he makes his patient’s butts larger.

While it may seem only that certain rappers may approve, there are good reasons why a person may want to undergo such a surgery. Mark Mofid’s caring and compassion for others caused him to pursue this line of research after he finished his training at John Hopkins and Harvard University. Plastic surgeons, perhaps more than anyone else, know the importance of a proper body image. Their primary professional goals are either to reconstruct someone’s appearance after an accident or improve the person’s image of themselves.

Mark Mofid is praised for his caring and compassionate care, but his clients choose him for one other reason. A plastic surgeon must have good aesthetic judgment to be successful. Someone looking to become one of his new patients should start by looking at the website. His medical spa website shows a gallery of former patients. These before and after pictures allow perspective clients to determine if this plastic surgeon can meet their needs.

Mark Mofid continues his research into the gluteal enlargement procedure. As he continues his work, he and the other researchers help improve the techniques. If someone needs or wants to undergo this procedure, they should contact him directly. The best way to contact his office is to walk into to his Medical Spa in San Diego. If that is not possible, a perspective client can get his office phone number.

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