Things That Inspire And Influence Jim Hunt of VTA Publications

Ideamensch is always exploring ideas that drive entrepreneurs in many industries and one of their latest featured entrepreneurs is Jim Hunt VTA Publications. Hunt has been working several years as an independent investment and trading advisor and is always sharing inside information with his followers. He conducts in-depth research into market trends and shows his followers when they should buy or sell stocks. He told Ideamensch about when he started his company and how he gets inspired.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications said he got the idea to start the company from seeing how big banks treat their customers and wanted them to learn how to invest without needing the banks. Hunt likes to listen to what his followers want and after long hours of research will spend time relaxing to let the ideas take hold. The field that he’s enthusiastic about is biotech and one program he recommends to up and coming entrepreneurs is Clickbank because they can get started promoting products without needing any capital on A book that’s inspired him is Rich Dad, Poor Dad which introduces readers to the importance of investing.

VTA Publications is full of material that Jim Hunt and his associates have put together for aspiring investors and business starters at Investors can learn how to plan for retirement simply through studying the bible, become introduced to stock charts and trading, and learn about little-known options and trading strategies.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications also created two investing video series titled “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire” that are also hosted on the VTA Publications website. “Wealth Wave” is about making phone calls prior to a predicted bear market and making a trade that could make profits while other stocks are losing them. “Making Mum a Millionaire” is a solution to becoming a tax-free millionaire using simple trade mathematics. To order the print and electronic multimedia or to see their latest trends, visit

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    Hunt also has had DVDs put together featuring businessmen and investors from around the world hosting seminars on various business secrets and investing tips. These things might make cheap resume to have everything under their belt to work as it should and I know what they might also make of it too.

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