The Successful Career Of Victoria Doramus


Victoria Doramus is a great expert in marketing and journalism. She has been serving her role in the fields of a couple of years. Besides, she has inspired many women through her string nature and ability to overcome various challenges that she has faced in her life. A while ago, the renowned marketer was a drug addict and house used to be in and out of rehab. She attended her first rehab at the age of 26, in Arizona, Tucson. Through she got help, Doramus backslide again, and as a result, she attended a different rehab to curb her drug addiction.

Although Victoria Doramus decided to put effort towards leaving the use of drugs, she ended up falling into the trap again due to her inability to change her friends. Her drug addition that got the better part of her and she believed that it was as a result of failing to change her friends and former way of life. She later found herself in a 60-day rehab facility that is based in Connecticut. Her drug addiction almost ruined her career and entire life until she chooses to adopt better ways to be a person of the essence. Throughout her rehab session, she acquired a chance to think about her life and the impact that the drugs would bring in it. She learned to overcome her challenges and the latter molded her into the successful lady she is today. She continues to inspire many people, especially women through her bold nature.

As a strong woman, Victoria Doramus has continued to inspire others, and she believes that every individual that plans to achieve a certain goal can achieve it as long as they make a decision n on the strategies they want to adopt t5wards meeting it. She is an expert in marketing, and she has gained fame for her ability to come up with innovative designs based on the field of fashion, lifestyle, and design. Additionally, she has also launched a charitable organization that seeks to help people affected by the issue of drug addiction and also the less fortunate individuals in the society.

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