The Chainsmokers Breaking Barriers with with Alex Pall:

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Since their formation in 2012, The Chainsmokers have been trying to have their music reach the ears of fans across the globe, and have been quite successful in doing just that. But, as with any search to be the best, comes with obstacles on how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the industry, how to make a sound that sets you apart from the others.

The initial spark from when Pall and now partner in The Chainsmokers, Drew Taggart, set their dream of finding that success into motion. When you really want something, you dedicate your whole being to that, and work day in and day out to propel yourself to another level above the rest. In their constant journey of self-discovery they’ve decided to not let their music be limited to one specific genre of music and really be in their own classification. Not pop, not indie, not dance music, not hip hop, but a compilation of what they believe is missing from music.

The Chainsmokers pride themselves on doing things differently than what everyone else in the industry is doing; real stories, real lyrics, showing their identities as artists more and more as the music progresses. Adapting to these changes and incorporating this new sound in their music to how they play at shows and concerts plays a big role.

A daunting task, but because of social media and the ability that these artists have to see their fans enjoying their music the way that they do, and reaching so many different age groups, it motivates you to continue to make music that connects you with your fans. All this exposure and anticipation for shows brings pressure of putting on a great performance. But, this is what gives the drive to keep the hustle going. Not getting complacent is what gets you to the top, and, with opportunities to make shows like people have never seen, to music they have not heard made this way before, is something that can transcend the way people have come to think about a couple of DJ’s performing a show.

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