Stream Energy

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Stream energy is leading in the business community. It is a direct sales energy retailer with a heart of gold and the company makes its living in the heart of Texas. It provides utilities and home services for the residents of Texas and eleven other states in the nation. It also extends a hand to those residents when they need it. The Dallas patch article on stream energy highlights the philanthropic realm of this utility company. The company has a charitable foundation called Stream Cares. The article describes how Stream Energy and its employees go about helping others in their communities. Philanthropy is a big word that you associate with rich guys not generally used to describe a direct marketing startup and their commission paid employees.

Stream energy demonstrates that you can have your eye on your bottom line and at the same time, on the people in whose communities you serve. Giving and selling do not have to be independent of one another; they can be combined. It’s sort of like passing by your neighborhood bakery for years and buying donuts from them. Then suddenly you’re laid off, and you’re not only not able to buy donuts, but you can’t buy food to feed your family. Your favorite neighborhood baker gets wind of your situation, and he doesn’t just donate a dozen donuts, but reaches out and offers you a job, part-time of course, and a financial contribution to help you and your family get over the initial shock. That’s the old school business model is which made this country great and an exemplary example of what the Stream Cares foundation is all about.

It’s an integral part of humanity when you see a big business like Stream Energy out in the community handing out water, school supplies, and the much-needed items for those who are less fortunate or who may be going through a difficult time. Generosity is not about showboating, grandstanding, or trying to make headlines; it’s about leading by example, being a clear representation of what Americans are at heart: A loving and caring, united people.

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