Roberto Santiago Made Sure the Manaira Mall Was the Best


Even though the Manaira Mall isn’t the biggest in the world, it is one of the biggest in Brazil. The mall was created so people would have a place to shop and would be able to get everything they needed in one location. When Roberto Santiago started creating the mall, he wanted something that was different from what other people had seen in the past. He wanted a new mall and something that was able to blow people away with the features and options included with it. A big part of Manaira was the expo arena that was on the roof of the mall. The area allowed people to see traditional Brazilian entertainment and other options while they were shopping at the mall. In addition, the mall was a place for people to go to. Having the expo center in the mall made it a destination and many people visited on a regular basis.


The mall continued to grow while people were shopping there and Roberto Santiago was making money from it. Since he was the original developer of the mall, he knew it was his responsibility to continue developing the mall so others would have a chance to enjoy all the different things that were there. He added features and made things easier for people because he wanted them to know they could try new things. He also tried to always keep his demographics in mind. While there were many tourists who visited the mall, there were also regular Brazilian citizens who came there to do their shopping.


For Roberto Santiago, catering to both of the groups meant he was going to have a mall that had everything people needed. It also meant he would be able to show others what they could do while they were shopping and looking for different opportunities. The mall even had different dining options for different tastes. There were chain restaurants that people could grab a quick bite to eat but there were also restaurants that had Brazilian food and other traditional food from around the world. Offering these let everyone have a taste of what Brazil was like.


The only thing that was missing from the mall was a place for people to stay. Roberto Santiago recently changed that, though. He wanted to make the mall the best it could be so he set out to come up with new ideas for it. The hotel in the mall was the thing he was most excited about. He wanted to offer people a chance to enjoy a place to stay while they were shopping. Putting the hotel adjacent to the mall gave him a chance to give everyone a place to stay that was connected to the mall.


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