QI Group Built by Dr. Vijay Eswaran Began as a Pioneer in E-Commerce


Today, QI Group is a major player in the business world of Malaysia and surrounding countries, including the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. The companies that make up the conglomerate have a presence in 30 countries and boast over 1500 employees.

Its success began with a start-up company in 1998 headed by Vijay Eswaran and a group of partners who had banded together to pioneer a new kind of retail company: E-commerce. The Internet had begun to change dramatically with the advent of the World Wide Web, and entrepreneurs like Eswaran were jump-starting an industry to take advantage of it.

That start-up company, which would become the flagship of QI Group, was QNET. At the time, it was a leap of faith, but the opportunity was clear to Eswaran and others who understood the new Internet technologies and how they would change retail worldwide. Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies and Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

Envisioning a hybrid company that combined the personal touch of a human sales force and the new technologies of e-commerce, QNET launched as a distributor of commemorative coins. With the rights to sell the coins issued for the 2000 Olympics, the company quickly found its footing and took off.

Since then, Dr. Vijay Eswaran has developed a successful career and become a business leader in his native country of Malaysia. He has written best-selling books, gives inspirational lectures based on his experience, and works to improve society with philanthropy.

The two foundations that he created have done much to uplift the poor and disadvantaged in the countries that QI Group operates.

Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

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