PSI-Pay Rolls Out the Next Generation Payment System


If you thought that the world of internet is through with you, you had better think again. The world of online payment systems is enlarging by the day. There is no limit to what can be used to execute payments in the modern day, especially when it comes to mobile wallets. People now use anything ranging from jewelry such as rings, wrist watches, and wristbands to carry out money transactions online. PSI-Pay is a UK based online payment company that seeks to stay ahead of the game in the online payments business.


PSI-Pay Majors


PSI-Pay specializes in online payments using debit and credit cards. It was started in 2006. The firm partners with Kerv Wearables to increase its catchment of customers that can access safe money transaction services. This time, it is about bringing on board the creative MasterCard contactless ring to enable users to carry out payments. PSI-Pay says that using the MasterCard ring for online payments is going to be one of its kind and the first ever used in the UK, and indeed anywhere else. Most importantly, though, PSI Pay says that the partnership has increased the number of people that will be using the online payment services used offered.


Evolution in Effect


The PSI Pay developments are part of a wider range of changes that modern man is experiencing. Most people do not even need to go to their bank carry out transactions. The advent of the mobile phone and the subsequent evolution of the Smartphone has changed the way people work, think and act. The Kev Payment Ring is just another of the exciting changes that are running the show. The payment ring means that you no longer need to carry cash around. It is a wallet of sorts. The uniqueness of the Kerv Payment Ring is that it not only helps you t avoid carrying money, it eliminates the need to carry plastic money around. After all, you must be tired of carrying all those cards around. It is an alternative payment method that also eliminates the need for several tiered authentication steps. In fact, you do not even need a PIN.


PSI-Pay Posts Impressive Financial Results


In 2015, the regulated UK Fintech Firm has posted what it has described as the best results ever since they started. The company also says that it has finished the overhaul of its operations and has instituted strategies it believes will drive it to the next level.



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