Who is Peter Briger?

Peter is a self-made business leader and financial expert who made it to position 317 of the 400 richest America’s list on Forbes and position 407 of the world’s billionaires list in 2007, with a net worth of $1.5 billion. Peter joined Fortress Investment group in the year 2002, as the co-CEO, and became a member of the management committee. In November 2006, he became chair of the Board of Directors and later in August 2009, he became the co-chair of the Board of Directors.

His career and Education background

After completion of his education, he started his career by joining Goldman Sachs, a New York- based investment banking company offering financial services to clients ranging from corporations to individuals, in 1996. Peter Briger acquired a set of skills in foreign investments, distressed debt, real estate and loans trading. These business skills earned him a position as a partner in the same company. He became an affiliate of the Goldman Sachs Asian Management committee and Goldman Sachs global control and compliance committee. However, he left in 2002 to join Fortress Investment Group as a co-CEO.Peter acquired his Bachelor’ s degree in Arts at Princeton University, and later a Masters in Arts at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. He has made a good name amidst his employees because they are appreciative of the active and fast-moving working environment, friendly colleagues, and the excellent pay of course!

His philanthropic work

Briger has made it possible for the less fortunate to have a bite at his billion dollar pie. He launched the Devon Briger Foundation, a charitable organization based in New York, that offers incentives to needy organizations and supports the education of kids from poverty stricken backgrounds. Peter also advises investors and developing countries on how they can acquire start-up capital for their businesses. The New York City’s Central Park is so dear to him, therefore, he has invested millions in its preservation, thus mutually benefitting the community. Peter Briger is a leader, mentor, and successful businessman who is prosperous and compassionate. Mr. Briger, an alumnus of Princeton University, with the help of two other alumni, came up with a program called the Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund, that supports students at the university with the zeal to venture into the business world. Funding is offered to students with viable ideas using this program, and according to Peter Briger, this will give them a headstart in the entrepreneurial world and a chance also to do the same to other people.

His points on Bitcoin

According to Peter Briger, Bitcoins are a simple way of moving money cheaply and quickly, and thus banks should pick up the idea. The idea of venturing into bitcoin business came to life when a fellow entrepreneur pointed out how easy it was to speak and see someone from different parts of the world and yet so difficult to send money worldwide.

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