Lori Senecal Manages the Social Media Dominated Market

Social Media has become such a heavyweight in the industry that advertising companies have seen that it is effective for advertising as well. Lori Senecal herself is writing content on what businessmen can do with social media platforms like Facebook. For one thing, Facebook has tons of advertising opportunities that are very lucrative for businessmen who take them. Being an advertiser, Lori Senecal understands what it takes for people to be successful with Facebook. The insights she provides are enough to take people from being failing trend followers to the savvy marketers who take full advantage of what they need in order to bring themselves long-lasting success.

Lori Senecal’s company, CP+B is definitely savvy with advertising on Facebook. They know how to take all of the great ideas and put them into action. Then these ideas will make tons of money for both the clients and the advertiser simply because the client will trust the advertiser. One of the most important pieces of advice that Lori Senecal gives her clients is that they engage their customers in advertising. For one thing, customers are more likely to pay attention to ads that will have them interact with them, especially if they are given the impression that they have influence over the company.

According to Ad Age, the days of commercials just telling customers about a product or service and listing reasons why they should pay money for it are gone. Companies are learning that the customer is important as well. Therefore, they spend more time on interacting with the customers than before. At the same time, it is important to have products ready.

Senecal is one of the creative minds in advertising. She understands the market and how to reach the target audience. This is one of the reasons that clients that work with Lori experience a lot of growth and success. View Lori Senecal’s full profile on behance.net.


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