Jim Tananbaum; The Healthcare Sector Investment Expert

As an investment and financial expert, Jim Tananbaum has made strategic investments in the healthcare sector. Jim has a lot of expertise in creating biopharmaceutical firms. His focus has always been coming up with medical solutions to the many people who are suffering from various ailments. To say Jim is best at what he would be an understatement. Jim has simply excelled in the medical industry. One of the developments in the field of medicine that Jim is keen on including the use of technology in medical diagnostics as well the science of genomic sequencing. Through genomic sequencing, medical experts can come up with more targeting treatments. The idea to build an investment company in the healthcare industry was born by Jim two and a half decades ago. Foresite Capital focuses on identifying industry professionals and ventures with some of the most revolutionary approaches to solving various medical challenges. Through strategic investment and management, Foresite can nurture these industry players into brands and products. Foresite Capital can only make its money once the ventures manage to provide practical solutions. That is the business model of Foresite Capital as a venture capital firm. Coming up with effective therapies is financially and time involving. That is why companies such as Foresite Capital are necessary. Check out LinkedIn Forsite Capital for more info.

Recently, Jim Tananbaum made a strategic move of bringing on board another venture partner to Foresite Capital, Dr. Molly. Dr. Molly boasts of expertise in the field of pharmaceutical design.

Biopharmaceuticals and Medical diagnostics are fields which are very dynamic that is why Dr. Jim constantly pursues individuals who can synergize with Foresite Capital and help it generate more revenues for him to stay ahead of his peers.

Jim Tananbaum recognizes the need for more entrepreneurs, and He encourages all those who have a passion in different sectors of the economy to approach venture capitalists like him to help put their ideas into workable plans that could be turned into viable enterprises. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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