Jeunesse Global takes on the big dogs with its Nevo energy drink

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Jeunesse Global has traced one of the most whiplash-inducing upward trajectories of any unfinanced startup company of the last decade. From a garage-based hobby business started by a pair of Florida snowbirds, the company has rocketed to its apogee of full-spectrum global dominance in less than nine years. The company has vanquished lesser players by developing smart niche products that have quickly been adopted by consumers worldwide as the gold standard in those market subsectors. Now, the daring company has decided to square off, face to face, with some of the largest goliaths in the industry. Jeunesse Global is taking on the big dogs, head on.

One area in which the company that was founded by direct-selling industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis is taking on some of the most entrenched interests in the global health and beauty scene is through the recent introduction of its energy drink, Nevo. Nevo is a 100 percent all-natural answer to the more synthetic and processed drinks that currently reign supreme throughout the energy drink market.

Unlike products like Red Bull and Amway’s XS energy drink, Nevo has resolutely stayed in the realm of 100 percent natural ingredients. This not only makes a difference when marketing the drink to health-conscious consumers, but it is also immediately noticeable on the first refreshing sip that one takes of the drink. Nevo has a freshly-squeezed-fruit-juice taste that no drink on the market can touch. With four different great-tasting flavors available, including peach mango, acai grape, mixed berry and lemon ginger, Nevo has a version for thirsty customers of every taste bud.

Nevo is just one of the many products that are consistently proving that Jeunesse Global has what it takes to compete on the world stage. Through the implementation of its Youth Enhancement System, a suite of more than a dozen products that help people stay looking and feeling young for far longer than any generation in the past, Jeunesse Global is helping to bring about the revolution in anti-aging that it refers to as Generation Young.

Jeunesse Global is helping people look, play and feel young, now and decades into the future.

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