Jeremy Goldstein Supports Fountain House

Supporting noble causes in the society always leave a great impact in the lives of the people involved. There are many successful and prominent figures in the world, but few get the chance to assist the community. Jeremy Goldstein is one of the few American lawyers who have a heart of gold. The attorney is passionate about serving the community, and he is always ready to offer a helping hand. This year, Jeremy Goldstein and some of his close friends partnered with the Fountain House so that they could help the people suffering from mental illnesses. Fountain House is very popular in the world, and it has been dedicated to assist in the recovery of all the people struggling with various mental challenges.

There are millions of people in the world who are struggling with various forms of mental diseases. The WHO states that mental illnesses can be termed as a humanitarian crisis in the modern times. Individuals who are dealing with these illnesses struggle to hold a job for a long time. Most of them do not have the chance to finish their education, manage their finances, and maintain the relationships they have or even take good care of themselves. Fountain House is very different from other institutions in the entire world. This institution wants mental ill patients to have a better life. This institution has been in the world for the last seventy years, and it is offering a lot of support to the patients. The founders of the organization were patient at one point of their lives, and they understand the challenges faced by the people experiencing similar situations.

Jeremy Goldstein hosted a special event where people had a chance to have a good meal and some great wine. The event was aimed at offering the foundation the support it needs to reach its patients in various parts of the country.


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