Hussain Sajwani Achieves Much Success With DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is the proprietor of DAMAC Properties. Over the years, he has gained much success in different ventures. As a proud alumnus of the University of Washington, has a sound background in management and leadership. When he completed college, Hussain first worked for GASCO as a contracts manager. GASCO is a respected subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). After a while, he left the company and ventured into his own business. Hussain Sajwani invested in a catering business. Through the business he was able to work with the United States army in Somalia, Bosnia and the Gulf. Moreover, Hussain worked closely with other renowned international corporations such as Bechtel.

Hussain Sajwani posits that he ventured into the real estate industry after the Dubai government allowed foreigners to invest in the same. To this end, the DAMAC Owner incorporated the company. He contends that soon after, he bought an undeveloped property in the region. Sajwani was surprised by the high demand for housing in the country. This is because potential homeowners started booking for their units’ way before he started building the residential property. This way, Hussain Sajwani started investing in other projects in the country. Following the success of DAMAC in Dubai, Hussain enhanced the company’s operations in the Middle East.

DAMAC Group is a revered real estate company. The entity has achieved much success in developing innovative leisure, residential and commercial properties in Dubai and the Middle East. Headquartered in Dubai, DAMAC has delivered over 18,500 homes. More than 44,000 units are under construction. The exponential growth of DAMAC is anchored on the vast entrepreneurial experience and vision of Hussain Sajwani. His transformative leadership has played a pivotal role in ensuring that the company continues to offer innovative products to their clients.

Hussain Sajwani has friends in high places. In particular, the Trumps have been friends with Hussain Sajwani family for a long period. During the New Year’s Eve celebrations which were held in Florida, President Trump heaped praises at the various renowned entrepreneurs who had graced the occasion, including Hussain. Trump and Hussain partnered to develop Trump International Golf Course. Within a short while, they made huge profitability margins after selling luxury villas. The philanthropist has been heavily involved in donating funds to different charitable causes, including a campaign to cloth a million children.


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