HCR Wealth Advisors is Committed to Long-lasting Client Relationships


HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered Los Angeles, California, investment advisory firm, knows there are no two clients that are alike, which means that the information provided for financial and investment strategies needs to coincide with each client’s specific needs and goals. The firm puts each client’s needs first to create personalized financial strategies that designed to help each client reach financial security.


HCR Wealth Advisors services clients as an independent wealth advisor. That enables the firm to establish relationships through education, trust, and service while being completely client-centric, rather than focusing on financial products.  HCR Wealth Advisors is upfront with clients about fees and assesses one standard fee, calculated as a percentage of managed assets, which is standard in the industry. Unlike many competitors, HCR Wealth Advisors does not operate in a way that ends in unexpected fees or hidden charges. With transparency, straight-forward answers and helping to protect clients against risks, the firm is committed to building strong and long-lasting client relationships.

Life Transitions

Clients choose HCR Wealth Advisors for a wide variety of reasons. However, often times, it is during a life transition, and unfortunately, many clients are shocked to find that there is not a financial plan in place. When times are uncertain, that is exactly the time to have a detailed financial plan; however, due to the twists and turns of life, a plan can get pushed aside, even with the right intentions of having a structured process.

Examples of life transitions that HCR Wealth Advisors is able to help with include:

  • Marriage or Divorce
  • The Loss of a Family Member
  • A Sudden Accumulation of Assets
  • Selling or Starting a Business
  • Receiving an Inheritance
  • Planning for Retirement

Collaborative Decision-making

According to HCR Wealth Advisors, it’s important that clients remember that attaining a secure financial future isn’t about just throwing investments together, but rather designing a structured, personalized plan and making wise decisions throughout the process. That’s why each client has full access to a lead advisor, a financial planner, and a financial analyst for a balance of service and accommodating each entity of financial goal-setting.

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