Habanero Shaker by Serial Entrepreneur Joel Friant


The original habanero chili Shaker was created by Joel Friant. His passion for the habanero chili pepper was discovered in high school. A classmate gave him a pepper and he loved it. He started a quest for finding the habanero chili pepper. Needless to say, his quest was unsuccessful. It wasn’t until he visited Jamacia he tried different dishes with the pepper. However, he began to experiment with the habanero chili pepper on his own. He decided to dry the pepper to capture its heat and flavor and put it into a shaker. The shaker is easy to use and store.


The habanero chili pepper is bright reddish orange. It’s 30 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper. Its flavor is unique to any other known pepper. It has a buttery taste coupled with heat. Its the perfect tasting pepper to wake up your taste buds. He made this perfect pepper available for people to use anywhere. It’s the perfect companion for home, work or school. It’s easy to add flavor to a home cooked meal or a cold dish. The pepper is sold in the grocery stores in Washington and online. The habanero chili pepper can be purchased internationally on Amazon.


Joel Friant owes much of his success to speaking positively. Maintaining a positive speech help him to increase his self-esteem. Even when he is faced with a risky situation he maintains positive speech. He believed his words help shape his future. He also surrounds himself with successful people. He considers himself a teachable person. He loves to learn from people who are successful in their field. He believes their advice help him to become a serial entrepreneur. He is dedicated to taking action and not being a procrastinator. To accomplish this goal he writes a to-do list to complete a task.

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