Gregory Aziz Leads The Freight And Rail Car Industry

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Gregory James Aziz is the President and CEO of the National Steel Car Corporation. The National Steel Car company is a global engineering and manufacturing enterprise for freight rail cars, based in Canada. National Steel Car was originally founded in 1912.


The National Steel Car Company was formerly known as the Imperial Car Company based in Hamilton, Ontario. In its earlier beginnings, the Imperial Car rail and freight car company had a monumental involvement in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War history. Today, the company is the only business that has been awarded its own ISO certification number.


1Presently at the helm of National Steel Car is Gregory J. Aziz who was born in London but later in life he moved to Canada, followed by moving to the United States. Gregory Aziz graduated from Ontario Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario where he received a degree in economics.


Gregory James Aziz went to work for his family’s wholesale food service business – Affiliated Foods in 1971. He stayed at Affiliated Foods for 16 years helping to grow it from a local company to importing to countries throughout Europe, Central America, South America and in the U.S. After leaving his family’s company, he went into the career field of banking and investments.


In 1994, Greg Aziz worked for a New York investment firm where he negotiated a contract involving the take-over of National Steel Car Corporation. At this time in National Steel Car’s history, they were experiencing a downward financial spiral.


Now, years later at its helm, Gregory James Aziz is managing this top global freight car giant. James Aziz will not take credit for the company’s revival. He states that it takes everyone at National Steel Car, from the top to the bottom, to make the company the global success that it is today.


As CEO of National Steel Car, Greg James Aziz has led the company into being awarded many accolades. One such award that the company has received every year for the last ten years is the TTX SECO award. The TTX SECO award honors businesses who provide high-quality service, successful financial governance, responsible cost chain processes and as a leading management model. Go Here for more information.


Gregory J. Aziz and National Steel Car Limited are very philanthropic to Canadian organizations that include the United Way, Ontario food banks, Ontario Hamilton Opera House, Canadian Agricultural Fair, the Royal Winter Fair Horseshow, and the Theatre Aquarius.



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