Enhancing the Fabletics Experience of e-Commerce and Brick and Mortar Stores

People can save so much time with this type of shopping experience. TechStyle is the company that was formerly known as JustFab. Fabletics is part of this clothing empire, and Kate Hudson is making this brand stand out as the leader.


Over 1.2 million people have become loyal to this Fabletics subscription service that is connected to the lifestyle quiz. The data driven approach improves forecasting for sales. It also enhances the store experience. Kate Hudson has put 22 stores, and there are more on the way. The leggings, for example, are part of the bestsellers on the site. Kate Hudson is able to realize the best seller because she is using the data driven metrics to determine what is selling.


That is another area where of marketing when it comes to building her brand. She wants to create a fun brand that women will appreciate for the purpose of rigorous exercise, but she also wants to be a fierce competitor. Hudson wants to get the brand to a point where it can thrive without all of the marketing that is being done. She goes heavy on the marketing early, but then she plans to scale back as she makes people aware of Fabletics. This is the type of company that has grown in a lot ways, but Fabletics gets the most growth from the subscription services of loyal customers. She knows that if she is establishes herself as a brand that customers recognize and become loyal to that she can get in the driver’s seat and become the queen of athleisure wear.


The Fabletics brand is building a better customer experience with the lifestyle quiz. As Kate Hudson brings more stores into place she will give customers better options for shopping. One thing that she is doing is presenting the OmniCart function for shoppers that have started shopping in physical stores. They can go to a store, but they can complete their transactions on smart phones. This is some very cool innovation that Kate is coming up with to blend the transactions for e-Commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. Kate Hudson knows that she is going to be able to keep customers coming back with this type of innovation.

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