Dr. Mark McKenna and OVME

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Are entrepreneurs made or born? A better way to find out about this statement is to ask real entrepreneurs and get what they have in mind concerning the question. According to Dr. Mark McKenna, entrepreneurs are born. He supports his answer using his parents. While he was growing up, his parents were both self-employed. He believes that he got this entrepreneurship skills from them. Moreover, his parents were able to offer him fantastic examples of what an entrepreneur can be as they both were operating their successful ventures.

His father is a qualified surgeon who operates a private practice, and his mother runs a publishing company. From a tender age, Mark learned from these two role models to be independent, something that lived with him to date. Mark claims that he has been an entrepreneur since he got himself in the world of work and he can never think of working for someone else. Dr. Mark McKenna is right when one figures his entrepreneurship career. He did not attend any business school nor had any training. Moreover, Mark did not go for an internship to get some skills. He just started by trying it and became a self-made entrepreneur. He began his first venture into the business while attending medical school at Tulane University.

During this time he was moonlighting at a local prison during his free time. He was conducting medical examinations that he eventually was able to save enough and start his business. He ventured into real estate business. His company was growing so fast, and finally, he established his first organization, McKenna Crescent Investments. The success of this organization made him open a Universal Mortgage lending and obtain Uptown title with time. He had over 55 employees.

One day disaster attacked and changed everything for DR. Mark McKenna. The Hurricane Katrina swept everything that Dr. McKenna owned and he had to start afresh and first by changing the career. He came up with ShapeMed, his second company. The organization was very successful and was later bought by Life Time Fitness Inc. Dr. Mark McKenna’s new venture is called OVME. This is an aesthetic medical organization that improves the health of others by using skilled healthcare practitioners.

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