Dick DeVos: A Philanthropist Who Believe In Educated Society

Richard Marvin DeVos Jr. also known as Dick DeVos was born on 21 October 1955. He is an entrepreneur from Michigan. He is a son of Richard DeVos Sr. and served as CEO of a distribution company which deals in consumer goods between 1993 and 2002. In 2012, Forbes magazine made him the son of the 67th richest person in the whole United States.


Dick DeVos Jr. has spent his business career working in a diversity of executive positions at the NBA’s Orlando Magic, Amway and also the renowned The Wind Quest Group where he is presently serving as President. As President of Amway, DeVos held all types of operations relation responsibilities for all aspects of a company across six continents with fifty countries. Amway earned $4.5 billion in the last year working with Dick.


In addition to his professional roles, Dick DeVos Jr. has been a leader in an extensive range of community initiatives. I believe the purpose of awarding 4,000 scholarships in Michigan to the underprivileged kids is because he wants to do something for next generation. He led as chair and co-chair numerous regional health care improvements and Grand Rapids area downtown regeneration including a $212M convention center, a $90M medical school, and a $130M heart hospital. The best philanthropy from Dick and Betsy was their charitable contributions that add up to almost US$139 million in their lifetimes.


In 2015, the DeVos family doled out more than US$11 million in different charitable contributions, as per a new report on their Family Foundation website. I believe that is way more than one can even think. DeVos family is a part of a high-profile family dynasty which has been part of Republican politics for decades, led by DeVos Sr. Using data share by DeVos family, Forbes concluded lifetime giving of DeVos family which is approx. $1.33 billion. Dick’s wife also belongs to a family who is famous for its charitable and political giving.


I think that their philanthropy’s target is education. In 2015 only, DeVos family put aside over $3 million for different educational causes that are accounting for 26% about their charitable donations. Aside from that, their family foundation is awarded US$357,000 to groups which support education reform. DeVos Jr., think that it is clear to us that the current educationally system isn’t fulfilling American dream of an educated and civilized nation in the whole world. He is working very hard with his wife on his side to promote free education to an American citizen who deserves to be educated but not able to due to financial problems.


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