Daniel Taub Comments on the Alliances in the Middle East

Israel’s UK Ambassador, Daniel Taub confirmed that new political coalitions are looming in the Middle East area, mainly between other countries within the region and Israel, the only democratic nation in that part of the world.

The budding association between the said countries was due to Iran’s determination to acquire a nuclear weapon.

Daniel Taub explained to The Independent that the agreement signed in Geneva between the world powers and Tehran will not diminish the desire of the latter to get a nuclear armament.

And this gives rise to having a stressful situation that Israel formed a security team that headed to Washington to speak with the United States officials about Iran’s nuclear ambition.

Subsequently, the Middle East Shia associations are suggesting a collaboration of Sunni countries that includes Israel, the Gulf States, and Saudi Arabia, who are all uneasy about the likely presence of nuclear in Iran.

Taub remarked that such matters make many countries apprehensive giving way to a realization the countries and people are able to set aside their peculiar differences to see the common principles between them.

The reason behind this is that the mutual anxieties and reservations are more than enough for everyone to form an imaginable partnership, which may pave a way to be able to have a lasting and deeper governmental affiliation.

Asked if he thinks that probable relationships could really happen, and Daniel Taub answered that times are changing in the Middle East making the countries and its people aware that they must try some options which they never have tried before.

And these options have generated unpredictable events where antagonistic nations from the Middle East see a possible association with Israel that may be the answer for some of their long time needs and wants. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://soundcloud.com/danieltaub and http://www.daniel-taub.co.il/

For one, there are plenty of countries in the Middle East who want to achieve wealth and success internationally, and they see that forming a partnership with Israel against Iran can make that happen.

While Daniel Taub is very confident that the alliance between Israel and her Western allies are still strong, information has leaked out that Washington has been talking directly with Tehran before the deal was signed in Geneva.

Therefore, Israel must try to look to other prospective allies within its region in answer to the threat that has been stemming out of Iran, because the possibilities of such partnerships are required for the changing times that may happen anytime in the future.

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