Crushing The E-Commerce Market With Fabletics

Activewear is a seemingly new area in the clothing market. In these current times, many people love to work out. The desire to workout also translates to the desire for high-end, stylish workout clothing. Workout clothing comes in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. While many go to various stores and online shops for workout clothing, there is one place that is quickly becoming the hot spot for everything active wear. That place is called Fabletics. Amazon was always the online destination for everything clothing related, now Fabletics is working hard to take that first place spot. Fabletics was co-founded by Kate Hudson, who is a famous actress in Hollywood. Her love for comfortable clothing, made her join this business to provide women with stylish clothing that they can wear at the gym and to a restaurant. The options are endless with Fabletics. Women love Fabletics because the company listens to their consumers and designs activewear that they love to wear. Fabletics can be called an overnight success. The company has generated over $250 million in just three years. That is an incredible accomplishment for a new business. Fabletics is thriving because customers want to purchase clothing from companies that they believe are aspirational. Fabletics is a brand that speaks to many women out there. Another key factor in the buying process for many customers is high-value.


Many would consider a high-value brand as a brand that is at the top of prices and quality. In this current e-commerce climate, consumers think a high-value brand is a brand that has a great customer experience and amazing brand recognition. Many people want to buy from a brand that is easily recognizable. Fabletics is doing amazing things in the world. The company is opening several more physical stores in the United States. The new stores will be added to the stores that are already open in Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California. This is great for Fabletics because they are already quite popular online, that they are translating that success to physical stores. Fabletics is popular with young people because they provide a personalized experience for their customers. This experience makes the customers come every month for new styles of clothing. Fabletics also turn something that many other businesses would consider a negative into a positive. Fabletics has had great success in a concept called reverse showrooming. Many businesses have claimed that they had lost business because of showrooming, due to customers browsing at their store then going somewhere else to buy the item at a cheaper price. Fabletics is successful in reverse showrooming because they give their customers various options when it comes to buying their clothes. For example, a Fabletics customer can browse in their store but when they leave the store they can buy the same item on Fabletics’ website because the item would go automatically in their online shopping cart.


The Fabletics leggings are considered the best leggings on the market. Many customers buy their leggings because they are stylish and comfortable. Fabletics is popular because their clothing provides the perfect fit and the level of comfort people want when they work out. If you want to find the right Fabletics gear, take the Lifestyle Quiz.

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