Brian Torchin: Making a Huge Difference in The Medical World

Brian Torchin is a successful Healthcare Recruiter and managing partner of a Healthcare Staffing Solutions firm within the Philadelphia area. Mr. Torchin finds careers for those interested in the healthcare sector.

Torchin’s company also offers career consultation as well as search services for a variety of professionals seeking a job change or advancement. Torchin is known for his close attention to detail as well as his organization skill. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Brian Torchin believes in forming long term and positive relationships with clients. At present, the company has a client base of about 200 clients throughout the United States, Canada as well as Europe. Brian Torchin is heavily involved with urgent care as well as private practice.

Brian Torchin has stressed the importance of keeping track of competitive compensation trends as well as client satisfaction. In addition, Torchin has also been quite vocal about the importance of “team work” in order to accomplish long term goals as well as financial satisfaction. Mr. Torchin feels that most business goals can be accomplished by offering efficient business solutions to existing as well as perspective clients.

Mr. Torchin also manages a company blog which provides a wealth of information to the public. Torchin believes in the importance of keeping the public well informed through Internet resources such as company blogs.

The company blog introduces Torchin and tells a little about his experience, work ethic as well as the professional services that his firm can offer business professionals within the healthcare industry. The company blog is updated on a regular basis with relevant and helpful information.

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