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If you have not heard of Dick and Betsy DeVos, they are actually a very well known power couple that has exercised a great deal of influence in many different spheres in the United States, including philanthropy and politics. President Trump eliminated a federal policy that allowed transgender students to use the school bathrooms of their choices, while Betsy DeVos made it clear that she did not agree with this action.


Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education, having been appointed by President Donald Trump. Even though she has not agreed with every decision he has made and has not presented a united front with him at every turn, she is thought to be a very influential figure who is going to continue to have a voice in the government for a long time to come. Soon before Donald Trump resisted the federal policy, she met with a representative of LGBT employees in order to warn them of the decision he was about to make.


Betsy DeVos is perhaps best known as a strong advocate of charter schools and vouchers for the schools. She has a fairly low opinion of public schools and wants to make sure that children from poor families are able to attend charter schools, as her children would have been able to do. She and her husband are both mega donors to the Republican party, and she was once a chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. Even though she does not publicly show any signs of dispute with the current administration, she has shown herself in the past to be a fighter for causes in which she believed, and there is no reason to believe that she is going to stop now. On the state level in Michigan, she showed herself to be very determined and tenacious when she was passionate about a cause.


Betsy DeVos came to Washington DC without a strong history with the president or with politics itself. However, many people believe that this does not mean anything in terms of her ability to exercise influence in her current position and believe that she will be able to learn the ropes quite quickly. She grew up in Holland, Michigan and worked on and off at her father’s auto parts company. She and her husband both come from wealthy families and are heirs to family fortunes, and they have both used their resources to exercise as much influence as possible in their causes of choice.


Betsy DeVos spent 30 years trying to push tax dollars towards charter schools rather than public schools. These charter schools rely on public funds but are run by private groups, and she believes that they offer children better education than do public schools. In addition, Ms. DeVos has supported schools run by companies that run for profit and gone so far as to oppose their performance standards. She has brought a large concentration of charter schools to Detroit, as that is the state where she has put in the most effort.


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