Altruism and Film Making are the Expertise of Lawrence Bender

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Lawrence Bender is one of the Hollywood elite, but most people haven’t heard his name. People may have casually read his name at the beginning of he credits, but they don’t fully understand how impressive his resume truly is. Reservoir Dogs, Good Will Hunting, Kill Bill, and Pulp Fiction are only a few of the box office hits produced by Lawrence Bender.

Bender wasn’t always a successful producer though. He went to school to become a civil engineer, attending the University of Maine. He got the idea from his grandfather; both of his parents were in the education field.

Before he would be involved in such movies as Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds, Lawrence Bender worked on the set of Tales from the Darkside, contributing in a lesser way as a stage grip.

Although Bender made two movies prior to Reservoir Dogs, it was his big break. It was also the first time he worked with future business partner Quentin Tarantino. Bender went on to produce a majority of Tarantino’s work.

One of those films was Jackie Brown, starring Samuel L Jackson. Jackson’s character is having a stewardess, slowly smuggle money back to him from Mexico. She is caught by the FBI at the beginning of the film, also in possession of cocaine. This is one of Tarantino’s lesser known movies, but it is certainly worth a watch. The film also features Robert De Niro.

Lawrence Bender is not only a well-known name in Hollywood for his movie productions. He is also known for throwing extravagant fundraising parties. The ACLU awarded Bender the Torch of Liberty award for his generous contributions to social issue awareness.

Many of Bender’s films, like Good Will Hunting, have been nominated for Academy Awards. In total, his films have been nominated 29 times, receiving six wins.

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