Adam Milstein a Passionate and Philanthropist Leader

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Adam Milstein has been in leadership serving senior most positions throughout his career life. He has served as the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. This is a real estate company that is privately owned, and his contributions towards that firm have made it have great achievements and more so attaining its goals. Besides, Milstein together with his wife Gila established Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that provides support to various Israel communities and organizations including Israel-American Council (IAC). He is the chairperson of IAC thus ensures all the Jewish can access the best education and other necessities in life through his foundation.

In his recent blog at The Times of Israel where Adam Milstein is the author, he affirmed that there is a significant need for the diaspora Jews to rise and meet the challenges that they face. There is a great record of great Jewish leaders in history that have contributed much to their people and ensured that they have a better living. Currently, there is another form of challenge that Jewish face whereby there is a campaign that is undergoing to divide the state of Israel and even to eliminate it forever. The campaign aims at seeing a split State of Israel, and there is call for action to ensure that the separation is not effective.

The needed support is from the Jewish leaders that are in diaspora and follow the path of the past leaders in Israel. The leaders are supposed to motivate, encourage and inspire the Jewish by providing assurance that there is future for them in America. It is imperative for the generation to come to be courageous like Zionist leaders to stand and fight for the Jewish in America. According to Adam Milstein who is the great activist and philanthropist have seen the need to rise and meet the current challenge since there is a bright future for young people. As the chairman of Israel-American Council, Adam Milstein will ensure that there is strength among the Israel community that is fully supported by the Jewish leaders in diaspora since he always meets and encounters with them throughout in America.

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