March 2018


It’s not been an easy journey for Robert Johnson, an ex-corrections officer who has been working tirelessly to ensure cell phones are no longer accessible by inmates. Johnson’s zeal to accomplish his mission is very evident his motivation being the dreadful encounter he had seven years ago. This dedicated man would narrate his story over […]


Hussain Sajwani operates DAMAC Group as its creator, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer since 2002. The innovative businessman started from modest beginnings, raised under a middle-class, diligent, entrepreneur. The young Hussain Sajwani was a solid part of his family’s business but had dreams of a professional career. After exploring a medical education, he quickly turned […]

If you have not heard of Dick and Betsy DeVos, they are actually a very well known power couple that has exercised a great deal of influence in many different spheres in the United States, including philanthropy and politics. President Trump eliminated a federal policy that allowed transgender students to use the school bathrooms of […]

Israel’s UK Ambassador, Daniel Taub confirmed that new political coalitions are looming in the Middle East area, mainly between other countries within the region and Israel, the only democratic nation in that part of the world. The budding association between the said countries was due to Iran’s determination to acquire a nuclear weapon. Daniel Taub […]